a CSU Television project

Our Mission Is To

Dedicated Faculty and Students show off research, learning and share with you the things that connect us all.

Content creation is a form of art and science combining the technical knowledge, using the latest video/audio distribution and production methods and the talent from a large of pool of individuals and groups that show off contributions to the community at large. In some cases, to showcase that work around the world.




Our Learning Mission

Listen to the Crew

Creative content and how to capture and produce the event.

Learning from each other and bringing in new ideas to develop, this was the mission. Hear from the crew about their perceptions and experiences.



Over 444 videos on Youtube. 252 on Vimeo. Broadcasted to 11,000 MediaCom subscribers.Thousands of Hours of Broadcasting to Countries around the world. 3500 Roku Subscribers. Apps for iPhone and Android.
We thank the many Faculty (well over 100) and Students (in the hundreds) for their participation.

Distribution and Content Creation from the Video Labs in Jordan Hall.